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a few weeks later i got a letter in the mail from the same boy, his name is sam. i begged my parents to let me meet him and they did. his mother went to find out about everything and eventually after about a month she found out we were in a set of triplets. when i saw him the next day after finding out i just ran into his arms adn hugged him. then we searched for our sister who's name is kaitlin. then we managed to track down our birth mother, but we never did.he was telling me we had exactly the same birthdate and were lots alike. we met at a salad bar and his guardian came along, and he had known all alone this was not his real mother. it took a while but eventually we found her liiving with a foster family, which was her 13th foster family. we found our birth faterh first, who knew nothing about us, but welcomed us into his family.In my early 20's my mom told me that she thought I was a twin. During the 1950's, blonde haired, blue eyed children were popular on the black market. might have thought thet since she had 6 previous children, she wouldn't miss another.She was not very educated and didn't know what to do.

Taylor Kelly USA - Thursday, November 04, 2004 at (EST)im looking for my twin we were seperated at birth all i know is that his name is Riley and we were born november 23,1990 in hurley hostipal flint michigan. Elissa Galbraith I am looking for twins Clarence & Caroline Snyder born on or around Sept 1st. there has not been a day go by that I do not think about and miss you guys very much. If you know anything at all, please e-mail me, because i really need to find my sister. Please e-mail me if you know anything about my twin. My mother will not tell me about it, and does not know that I know. I was borin in 1986 in Florida, my parents were 13 and 14 so I was adopted and have heard nothing of my family since.Please contact me if anyone has any info that may help me. I went to high school with her in Germany and stayed in a dormitory with her 1981. would like to find out about twin girls i went to school with threw JR High in Edwardsville and then moved to Morton. She is one of the long lost twins, placed up for adoption at birth (birthdate 9th April 1954, bourn in United Kingdom. my mom said that there were four eggs, but only twins (ben and i) were conceived.Please post any info - which could help to find her twin or relatives. my parents were pretty bad off financially at the may also ahve a small red birthmark on your nose like me, or freckles. later that year the hospital was in the papers for selling babies on the black market and my mother then told me i was a twin, but she was told that my twin had been may have either dirty blonde, light brown, or dark brown hair. my mother still thinks the hospital sold my twin, as she was extremely large and i was quite a small baby. if any o fyou are born on the 14/04/89 please email me. My name is Jessica and i came across this site and i wanted to tell you the amazing story about me and my triplet brother and identical sister. Well i was adopted out to a town about 5 minutes away from the one i was born in. about a year ago i was told i was a adopted and that i wasn't allowed to search for my real parents and family until i was 18. a few monthes ago i spotted an article written in the paper by a boy with the same birthdate as me and looked like me a little.

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